March 3, 2017

Improve your GitHub experience

If you use GitHub a lot, there’s a bunch of stuff that could help improve your experience. These include GitHub integrations, Chrome extensions and other tips and tricks.

I’ll be briefly explaining few of my favourite one’s, and then provide an exhaustive list.


OctoTree is a browser extension available on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari to show a code tree on GitHub and GitLab.

It is very useful to me since it allows me to view the project source without having to clone every repository on my computer.

Octotree in action. Credits buunguyenOctotree in action. Credits buunguyen


OctoLinker is a browser extension available on Chrome, Firefox and Opera that turns language-specific statements like include require or import into links. It makes it super easy to navigate through dependencies and modules. Perfect for code reviews and becomes super powerful along with OctoTree.

Octolinker in action

Github Hovercard

Github-Hovercard is another browser extension that displays a small box on links such as usernames and repositories.

Very useful for viewing user/repo info without breaking your workflow.

Hovercard in action. Credits JustineoHovercard in action. Credits Justineo

Isometric Contribution graph

Isometric-contributions is a browser extension for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It lets you toggle between a regular GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version.

It also displays the current GitHub streak. This isn’t directly useful, but it is very fun to use.

Isometric in action. Credits jasonlongIsometric in action. Credits jasonlong

Redefined GitHub

Redefined Github is my personal favourite and probably the most useful and powerful extension of them all. It is packed with A LOT features. This blog post is too small to explain all of its features and the best way to know more about it would be to visit it’s GitHub page.

You can find an entire list of other awesome extensions, integrations and tools to improve your GitHub experience here.

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